ERG Bieruń-Folie - History


1871 r. – Based on a proof of a document issued by the Office of Internal Affairs of the Royal Prussian Government in Bierun a newly built factory arises.

1960 r. – As a result of political and social changes that have occurred in Poland, the factory is nationalized and is named Chemical plant No.1

1968 r. – In this year begins a large-scale production of plastics using injection system.

1971 r. – Company employs 2,400 people and starts the production of foils for liquid milk.

1972 r. – Company takes over the name of the Plastics Works "ERG", and as the first plant out of all socialist countries starts a production of wide foils.

1986 r. – Launching a production of insulating and bubble foils.

1996 r. – The name changes into ERG-BIERUŃ SA.

2010 r. – ERG-BIERUŃ SA is taken over by private investors and changes its name into ERG Bieruń-Folie SA.

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